Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Running For Two: "Changes Afoot"

Lisa Jhung from Running for Two writes about two common issues during pregnancy - foot growth and swelling legs and ankles.

Many women report that their feet grow at least a half size during pregnancy. I’ve read that this is due to the prolaxin hormone stretching out our ligaments, and the additional weight we gain contributing to our feet flattening out.

I haven't experienced these phenomenons during either pregnancy (knock on wood!) and neither has Lisa. I wonder if there is some sort of correlation with exercise during pregnancy and keeping abnormal lower extremity expansion at bay?

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Brianna said...

My feet didn't grow longer with my 2 pregnancies, either, though I'm wondering if they might be just a smidge wider after my second baby, which is only noticable in one special pair of dress shoes. I'd say my running is better now (a year after my second baby!) than it was before my first. Good luck reaching your goals after you welcome that second little one into your family!