Thursday, January 31, 2008

Birth of a Blog

Well with the same anticipation of child birth and a marathon (a combination of excitement and the desire to puke) I start my first blog.

Right now I am a preggo gal with a cute little baby belly in the midst of my second trimester. Soon I will be a enormous hippo trying to survive my third trimester.

While my body is undergoing some big changes, I still remain a runner and athlete at heart. I continue to run and cycle. (Although to the casual observer it looks more like speed walking and grandma riding her little 2-speed bike with a basket in front)

I look forward to meeting our little boy or girl (Are we the only people in the world not finding out the gender?) in early summer. And I look forward to getting back to training and hopefully a marathon in Spring 2009.

This blog serves as my throw down. I will have a healthy baby (and hopefully one that sleeps through the night from the start). I will get back in shape. I will run a marathon. I will run a fast one (well, relatively - Paula Radcliffe runs recovery runs at my race pace).

Third call is up, time for me to toe the line...