Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Log: Week of 2009.10.26

Mon, Oct 26-Off

Tues, Oct 27-
PM: 30min cycle workout

Wed, Oct 28-
AM: 39min swim workout

Thurs, Oct 29-
AM: 47min swim workout

Fri, Oct 30-
PM: 30min cycle workout, 20min strength

Sat, Oct 31-
AM: 30min elliptical, 15min cycle; 2 months ago I couldn't even due to the elliptical due to the pain and I did 30min pain free today - very exciting!

Sun, Nov 1- Off

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Log: Week of October 19

Mon, Oct 19-
AM: 47min swim workout - Longest swim ever!

Tues, Oct 20-???

Wed, Oct 21- Off

Thurs, Oct 22-
PM: 30min cycle

Fri, Oct 23-
AM: 45min walk
PM: 30min cycle, 15min strength

Sat, Oct 24-
PM:40min cycle workout, 20min strength

Sun, Oct 25-
PM: 15min easy swim

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Log: Week of October 12

Mon, Oct 12-
AM: 42min swim workout; 8min aquajog

Tues, Oct 13-Off

Wed, Oct 14-
AM: 10min elliptical; 30min cycling

Thurs, Oct 15-
AM: 32min swim workout; 8min aquajog

Fri, Oct 16-
AM: 30min walk

Sat, Oct 17-
PM: 12min elliptical, 40min cycle, 20min strength

Sun, Oct 18-
PM: 30min cycle

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Log: Week of 2009.10.05

Mon, Oct 5 -

AM: 29min swim workout, 16min easy aquajog

Tues, Oct 6-Off

Wed, Oct 7-

AM: 40min aquajog workout; 10min swim easy

Workout: 5min easy, 2x{7x1:30hard,:30easy} w/ 2min easy between sets, 5min easy

Thurs, Oct 8-

AM: 39min swim workout, 11min aquajog easy

Fri, Oct 9- Off

Sat, Oct 10-
AM: 30min hike

Sun, Oct 11-Off

Log: Week of 2009.09.28

Mon, Sept 28 -
AM: 39min swim workout, 10min easy aquajog
PM: 30min swim lesson

Tues Sept 29 -
AM: 40min cycle, 20min lower body strengthening

Wed Sept 30 -
AM: 45min swimming

Thurs Oct 1 - Off

Fri Oct 2 -
AM: 40min cycle, 20min lower body strength

Sat Oct 3 -
PM: 40min cycle

Sun Oct 4 -
PM: 40min balance ball workout