Friday, March 7, 2008

Log: 2008.03.07

Activity: Running, Strength/Core
Time: 37:30, 15:00


15min running, 3:45min walking, 15min running, 3:45walking

It was not too shabby a run although it wasn't easy by any means. Of course, no runs are easy anymore now that I have a hefty basketball strapped to once was my abdomen.

Despite looking a bit like a hippo on the treadmill, I did feel sorta cute in my Nike black maternity tank and cornflower blue maternity running shorts. The blank tank minimizes both my baby flab and huge belly and makes me look slim but still with a cute baby bump (sort of like what all the preggo celebs sport). The shorts are generously cut which make my widening hips and extra cellulite look deceivingly trim.

Perhaps that's why my first inclination was to call it "not too shabby"...

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