Thursday, March 13, 2008

Footloose Blog: Carol Goodrow, Leading The Way For Kids Fitness, With Zest And Joy

Amby Furfoot writes in his Footloose blog...

WE RUNNERS ARE A BIG DIVERSE GROUP, and as a result, we often have many different viewpoints on different subjects. However, there's one thing just about all of us agree on: The nation's youngsters need more exposure to exercise and other healthy-living habits. And on that front, my friend Carol Goodrow has been leading the charge longer than most.

Carol sounds like an inspiring woman. What's great about her is that she is just an average runner but still being a great role model. I think many parents feel that since they can't be a superstar or look like a model that there's no point to exercise. However, kids need you to show them the way no matter what your skill level or body type!

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