Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Log: 2008.03.18

Activity: Spinning, Core/Arms
Time: 60:00, 15:00


I've been slowly working arm exercises into my strengthening workout since I've noticed I've gotten a little flabby uptop since becoming preggo. I've been doing core stuff all along and my legs get worked out by virtue of running and cycling. I started out light and have been gradually adding a little more weight each time. I think I maxed out today with 12lbs for single biceps curls. Lifting 12lbs is pretty sad as I was doing 20+lbs pre-baby. Of course, I wasn't lugging around an extra 17lb weight on my abdomen at that time. Perhaps I should count todays effort as 29lbs (12+17)? That would be a new record for me...

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