Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Your mommy may be a runner if...

I have been taking my son to Storytime at the library every week. He likes it because they sing songs, make crafts, read stories, etc. I like it because it free. (Can you believe how much MyGym and Kindermusik cost? You would think you were sending them to Harvard instead of running around and jumping in ball pits...)

At the beginning of the class we sing a welcome song and then do some light stretching. I guess the thinking is to try and get the two year olds to wind down and relax prior to the reading of the books. (No small feat!)

Each child gets to pick a stretch that all the kids do. The kids usually pick something simple such as touching their toes or reaching for the sky. Not my son. He chooses to bust out the yoga moves, including downward dog and butterfly.

Everyone is always surprised except me. Awhile ago I learned that while running makes you cardiovascular-ly (is that a word?) fit it tightens and warps your muscles. This is starting to become a hindrance as I age, I mean mature gracefully.

So I started doing yoga several years ago BB (before baby). I did pre-natal yoga during my first pregnancy and did a mommy/baby yoga video after his birth. He's too old for that video now but he still likes to join me on the mat when I do a yoga DVD. I never thought he retained any of it until I saw him get his Omm on at Storytime :)

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