Friday, February 22, 2008

Review of April 2008 Running Times

I got the latest Running Times in the mail yesterday and was giddy to see it was full of stuff on elite women runners. The profiles on Kara Goucher and Elva Dryer were very interesting.

The magazine included a sample marathon buildup schedule for Elva. Basically she did an hour workout in the AM and a half hour in the PM. I know her pace for these workouts is probably ridiculously fast, but still... Only an hour and a half a day? I wish I could put in that amount of time and be an elite athlete. I wonder what she does the rest of the day? As much as I dream of being an elite runner it might be too boring of a life for me.

I also found of interest that they listed the top contenders for US Olympic marathon team. Basically Deena and a bunch of others. It did not mention Ann Alynak though. However, she is listed later in the magazine as the #2 American female marathoner of the year. I guess I feel slighted by this as we both hail from the Buckeye State. I will be rooting for Ann this April!

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