Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Log: 2008.02.27

Activity: Cycling, Core/Stretching Work
Time: 30:00 (Cycling), 15:00 Core


My knee only had a light twinge so that's a good thing. Perhaps I'll try running on it tomorrow. I'm still trying to get through Persuasion. My book club meets Friday and I still have about 10 agonizing chapters left. The book requires deep concentration which I really don't have much of due to the combination of being pregnant, fried from work and trying to workout at the same time as reading. However, it's just like being on the 5th rep of an 8 interval repeat workout. The end is near, a lot of work is already done and I have to dig in and keep going...

I've been slacking on the core work for several weeks. I'm doing only stuff approved from pregnancy books. However, in the few short weeks since I last did these exercises my belly has grown substantially. I used to laugh at how simple some of these exercises were - now they are down right difficult!

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