Sunday, February 17, 2008

Log: 2008.02.17

Activity: Running
Time: 42 minutes
Distance: 3.11 miles

Notes: In the last week or so I've definitely felt the effect of my ever growing waistline. I finally got to the point where I decided it was time to intersperse walk breaks into my run during this workout. I ran for 15 minutes, walked 5 minutes, ran for 18 minutes and then walked 5 minutes.

To keep it interesting I think I am going to shoot to run without breaks:

40 - weeks that I am = Number of minutes to run without breaking

I'll use these formulas to determine the walk break amounts:

While weeks <>
# of consecutive running minutes /4 = walk break

When weeks > 30...
# of consecutive running minutes /2 = walk break

(Can you tell I studied engineering in college?)

So when I am 23 weeks I'll run 17 minutes and then take a 4.25 min walk break (and repeat if I can). At 24 weeks, I'll go for 16 minutes/4minutes, etc. I figured that would give me a goal but still take into consideration the inevitable slow down that is going to occur over the next months.

Of course, I am sure my little system is going to go out the window as I get huge as a cow and as miserable as a diabetic who works in a chocolate factory...

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