Monday, July 28, 2008

Mommy Runner Routine

When I was just a runner by running routine consisted of:
1. Put on running clothes
2. Grab MP3 player and head out the door
3. Drive to park
4. Run
5. Drive home

Now that I am a mommy runner (x2!!!) my routine is a tad more complicated:
1. Put on running clothes
2. Change two diapers and dress two kids
3. Pack snacks, water, toys, picnic lunch, picnic blanket and double jogger into car
4. Load two kids into carseats
5. Drive to park
6. Unpack car and load double jogger with aforementioned supplies and kids
7. Run while handing out goldfish, sippy cups and finding awol pacis
8. Stop to see animals at the nature center
9. Run some more
10. Stop to have picnic
11. Change a diaper and nurse baby
12. Push toddler on swings
13. Run some more
14. Unload stroller and put two sleeping kids back in car
15. Drive home

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