Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Log: 2008.08.12

Activity: Running
Distance: 4.75miles


1m warmup; 4x800 @7:41 pace (1% incline) w/ .25m walk recovery; 1m cooldown

Based on Saturdays run I moved my goal HMP to 1:55. Thus, according to FIRST was to do these repeats @ 7:41 pace. When I first did the math 7:41 seemed crazy fast. And then I realized I used to be able to run 26 miles at this pace! 800m @7:41 didn't seem quite as crazy once I put it into perspective. (Nevertheless I was still pushing it to do 4 800's at that pace!)

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PablitoRun said...

Hey good luck with your marathon. Where are you racing? I have done Chicago the past 4 years (good, goog, great, terrible) but I still haven't quite qualified for Boston......and I am having to take a year off because of stupid work.... :(