Saturday, February 7, 2009

2009.02.07 - 5K TIME TRIAL

Activity: Running
Distance: 6 miles


2miles easy; 3.1 miles in 19:36; remainder easy

YIPPEEEE!!!! Even moments before I started the time trial I thought there was no way I could come close to my goal of 19:36. But I did it - exactly! It actually didn't feel too bad. Of course it wasn't easy but I think I could have gone faster. 19:36 corresponds to a VDOT of 51 according to Daniel's Running Formula which corresponds to roughly a 3:08 marathon. Since my goal is 3:15 (and my super secret goal is sub 3:10) this should give me a little wiggle room to account for the Pig's hills and any other unforeseen issues race day. As long as my knee holds up, I am feeling stoked for May!

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