Sunday, April 12, 2009

Log: 2009.04.12

Activity: Pilates/stretching
Time: 10:00


After the bone biopsy surgery my left knee swelled up a bunch and I lost most of my range of motion. So the orthopedist sent me to a physical therapist. However, I had a round of chemo before I went to PT and that magically cleared up my knee issues overnight. The day after chemo #1 I had full range of motion back.

I still went to PT and she basically confirmed that my ROM was totally fine. However, she did give me some exercises to strengthen my leg since I haven't used it since being on crutches. They were kind of lame so I asked her if I could do upper body lifting and pilates (non load bearing) which she ok'd. I also got ok'd for swimming.

So this was my first foray into any sort of exercise in over a month. I'll start slowly and hopefully get some muscle tone back soon.

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