Sunday, May 25, 2008

Log: 2008.05.25

Activiy: Running
Time: 1:24:00
Distance: 5.25miles

I actually raced today. Of course at 36 weeks "racing" means paying the sign up fee, receiving a t-shirt I can't fit into, and walking all the hills and waddling the flats and downhills. Oh and I did it while pushing my son in the running stroller.

I "raced" it with my friend who is 20 weeks pregnant. We were quite a sight with our bellies and baby joggers.

It was fun and I enjoyed the sunshine and catching up with my friend.

The baby in my belly was no problem. The baby in the stroller was another story. He wailed for 2.5miles straight. It was lovely. I noticed everyone trying to get away from us :) FInally he feel asleep and the rest of the run was in blissful silence.

Needless to say, my 4th place showing from last year was not repeated. But at least I can say I raced at 9 months pregnant!

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The Salty One said...

Hi there. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I actually think I saw you--were you wearing a black tank top? My friend just said that there were so many pregnant women out and about, but very few of them seem to have run, but then I saw you? with your very pregnant belly, race bib, and the jogging stroller! Awesome!

With the way you're working out through your pregnancy, you should have no problem easily getting into 3:15 marathon shape for next year. I'll have to hit you up for tips on how to ease back into training post-baby :)